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Noble Approach

Colin Noble, Sales Representative


While he’s still a relatively new agent, there are few young real estate professionals that are as well-positioned as Colin Noble to cultivate a successful career in the industry.

With a first-class education, over five years of professional finance experience at a top international consulting firm, and nearly four years of preparatory real estate experience, Colin Noble has had more than a running start ahead of his career as a licensed real estate agent.

“Extraordinary expertise, Outstanding service, Amazing outcome!”


A Global Perspective

Originally from Toronto, before moving to Uxbridge, Colin spent much of his youth living abroad in Australia and New Zealand. Living in the South Pacific throughout his childhood exposed Colin to a variety of different people and cultures, widening his perspective and appreciation for new cultures. Colin is always delighted when ... he is able to draw from his past experiences living abroad to relate to clients. Whether they’re from the region or have spent time there, he enjoys making those deep personal connections with new acquaintances. After returning to Ontario to continue his high school education in King City, Colin made the move back to the South Pacific to live and learn in Sydney, Australia, where he spent the next eight years of his life.
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Foundations in Finance

It was in Sydney that Colin Noble joined up with the internationally-recognized business consulting firm KPMG to pursue his designation as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Professional Accountant. He spent almost six years working at KPMG in Sydney. Today, Colin is able to utilize his practical financial experience and CA|CPA designation ... to help guide both buying and selling clients with complex financial planning. Colin’s background with numbers means he’s able to provide accurate valuations for clients, and advise them on financial details like mortgage maintenance costs, capital cost allowances, property tax positioning, month-to-month cash flow analysis, investment property strategies, and a variety of other finance-related real estate information.
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Colin’s Passion for Real Estate

One of the aspects of working in finance Colin appreciated most was being able to build personal relationships with clients. However, he realized his professional passions lay away from the finance industry. Colin made the decision to walk away from his well-established position at KPMG to move back to Canada ... in 2017 and forge a career in real estate. Colin got his start in real estate working for a Toronto-based firm under an experienced Broker of Record, where he managed the brokerage’s marketing, administration, social media, and website, as well as the back-end administrative duties such as financial reporting and tax filing. Additionally, Colin managed and oversaw many construction and renovation projects during this time, coordinating numerous “home flips” for clients who had recently bought homes that needed work. Colin’s experience and education coordinating home renovations ignited his interest in helping clients transform new properties into the homes of their dreams. He still uses many of his connections in the renovation industry to help clients in both Uxbridge and the GTA today.  
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The Start of Noble Real Estate

While working for his previous brokerage, Colin was able to not only build an extensive network of industry contacts and achieve his full real estate license, but also gain practical real estate transaction experience.

His initial real estate transactions were with friends, family, and young people looking to get a foothold in Toronto’s real estate ecosystem. As a young person himself, Colin realized many of his peers didn’t have a comprehensive knowledge of the real estate process or trust of professionals in the industry. That quickly became something he felt passionate about changing.

The Launch of Noble Real Estate

Between leaving his previous brokerage, joining forces with a new team, and moving to Uxbridge, Colin launched his personal real estate brand, Noble Real Estate. By drawing from his experience working with apprehensive younger clients, Colin formed his current real estate process around those early lessons.

Since the beginning, Colin Noble’s commitment has been to provide clients with in-depth, full-service real estate guidance. No matter what his clients’ ambitions are, Colin’s aim is to provide quality, first-class end-to-end service with thorough consideration of every detail.

Colin’s all-encompassing approach is designed to mitigate any stress or concern his clients have about real estate transactions and make their experience with him as fun and exciting as possible.

Whatever your individual goals are, Noble Real Estate is centred around helping you make your best decisions stress-free. Achieving your real estate goals should be an exciting process — that is what Noble Real Estate is all about.

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