Uxbridge and the Surrounding Area

Big lots, spacious homes, a great overall community vibe, and historic small-town charm permeating through the area: There are many reasons to love living in Uxbridge and the surrounding area. 

Whether you’re thinking about leaving Toronto in favour of a small town with a big personality, or you’re looking for a quiet and safe community to raise your family, Uxbridge, and the surrounding area have a lot to offer. 

Here are some of the communities in the area you need to know about. 


  • Stouffville
  • Port Perry
  • Sunderland
  • Claremont



Head north along the 404 or highway 48 from Markham and you’ll find the town of Stouffville, Ontario. More formally known as Whitchurch-Stouffville after the two towns amalgamated in 1971, most of this Greater Toronto Area town’s 50,000 residents live close to Stouffville’s urban downtown centre. This more urban section of Stouffville is located in its southeast corner and has attracted many newcomers to the area in recent years.

With major developments happening in and around Stouffville’s urban centre, there has been a recent upswing in young families choosing to move to Stouffville where house prices are still palatable. Stouffville is also a popular destination for older people to retire in because of its safe, small-town atmosphere.

What’s it Really Like to Live in Stouffville?

Stouffville’s urban neighbourhood, which is based around the intersection of the town’s Main Street, Mill Street, and Market Street, is easily the most thriving part of the town. With numerous shops, restaurants, cafes, and more all within walking distance, residents of this area don’t need to travel far to find what they need.

Considering Stouffville is going through lots of new developments within its residential districts, you can find almost any type of home here. From suburban detached and semi-detached freehold homes to more condensed single family townhouses, there is a wide range of properties to choose from.

Head closer to Stouffville’s downtown core and you’ll find slightly older homes, mainly single to double-storey freeholds, all with their own heritage charm.

Port Perry

Port Perry

Known for its history, culture, and vibrant residents, Port Perry is a close-knit waterfront community perfect for those looking to live in an idyllic setting. The vibe is laid back and friendly and with so many parks, restaurants, and shops, it’s no wonder people here are often in a good mood. 

When you’re not enjoying one of the numerous community events throughout the year, you’ll love living in a town with incredible schools, and a huge emphasis on quality healthcare. 


What’s it Really Like to Live in Port Perry?

Besides the waterfront and historic downtown district, Port Perry is a family community through and through. It may feel like you’re living in cottage country with beautiful country homes, waterfront properties, and generous recreational activities, but Port Perry is only about 15 minutes from Whitby, Oshawa, and the 407, making it great for commuters.

Homes for sale in Port Perry are typically single-family properties, many of which have cottage-like features. Port Perry is popular among a diverse population and you will find many families, young couples, and seniors adding to the friendly community here.



Known as the heart of rural Durham Region, Sunderland is a small community brimming with natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and beautiful homes located about 100 kilometres northeast of Toronto. 

With a rich history in agriculture, Sunderland is a charming rural area perfect for anyone looking to capture the true essence of country living.

What’s it Really Like to Live in Sunderland?

You may hear “agriculture” and “rural” and think, “Not for me.” But Sunderland is much more than its roots. With an active community association, Sunderland is home to numerous events throughout the year, including the highly anticipated Sunderland Fall Fair. 

Sunderland residents love spending time in nature, and the area is home to several parks and beautiful hiking trails including the Trans Canada Trail. Locals also appreciate peace and privacy, many homes for sale in Sunderland, Ontario consist of large sprawling properties or single-family homes situated on larger lots on quiet rural roads. However, there are some denser communities with a few newer properties, perfect for raising a family.




You might be starting to notice a trend here, but Claremont is another small town in Ontario that does a fine job of blending rural and urban living. Situated only a short distance from Markham, Pickering, Oshawa, and Toronto, many people gravitate to Claremont for a taste of slow-paced living with all the best access to urban amenities. 

Perfect for laid-back folks who love nature, Claremont is known for its friendly locals, family-friendly atmosphere, and beautiful parks surrounding.

What’s it Really Like to Live in Claremont? 

If you’re looking for a peaceful, relaxing town to settle down and enjoy the outdoors all year long, look no further than Claremont. In addition to the Claremont Nature Centre, the town also hosts an annual Winter Carnival and other events throughout the year celebrating the local scene. 

Homes for sale in Claremont have a little something for everyone too. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful and unique property, a charming farmhouse, or a beautiful historic home close to the town centre, you will find it here.

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